We stock various types, sizes, structures and shapes of load aids, dunnage and squared timber. We can also supply covers or partitions for stabilisation purposes. We can supply you with the right wooden packaging for the export and overseas transportation of your unique products with varying requirements.


We offer various wooden packaging materials and accessories to ensure reliable packaging and convenient access to custom goods. We stock various types, sizes and shapes of load aids and dunnage. Our range also includes matching lids and other covers to guarantee the safety, stability, cleanliness and integrity of your (stacked) goods.

PALCO advantages

  • In-house, flexible production
  • International standards (EPAL, IPPC, HPE)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Certified quality, 100% recyclable
  • Fast delivery capability & optimum supply reliability thanks to associated sawmill
  • Custom designs


We can do it.

We can also manufacture large quantities at short notice thanks to our new, state-of-the-art production facilities. We are very flexible and take great pride in our ability to deliver on time.

We manufacture quality goods and offer a wide range of services and consulting. We are reliable and provide the optimum and most economical solution for every requirement. Moreover, we offer our products at competitive prices.

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