We stand for prudent and sustainable forest management and product use.

Sustainable products, sustainable production

A sensible and respectful approach to the forest and wood has never been more important. Planned management of forests and wood as a raw material is urgently needed to improve the ecological impact and preserve healthy forests.

We aim to use wood from sustainable, domestic forestry in the manufacture of our ecological products. What's more, as a naturally renewable raw material, wood is particularly environmentally friendly.

Short transport routes

The pre-cut parts for our pallets come from our immediate and neighbouring partner, the HILO sawmill. This also allows us to make optimum use of the sawn timber, and any wood residue subsequently provides the energy for our drying plant.

Thanks to our excellent location in the middle of the Eifel forest region, transport distances are short and the use of wood, a renewable raw material, is an environmentally friendly and also more hygienic option than the use of plastic pallets. Being completely recyclable, our finished pallets also easily integrate into the material cycle of wood.